Ipsa 2 Network Diagrams

Ipsa is a graphically rich software tool offering many different ways of visualing the power system network and calculation results. The key network diagram and display features include:

  • Multiple diagrams and data tables
  • Single line diagrams
  • Scaled geographical backgrounds
  • Map backgrounds
  • Auto draw components
  • Diagrams within diagrams
  • User defined results and data displays
  • View groups for filtering the results displayed
  • Graphical display of key analysis results
  • Copy and save diagram image files
  • Custom annotations

Diagram features

Ipsa 2 allows users to create multiple diagrams for a given network. Each diagram could represent just one section or area of the whole network, for example. It is also possible to embed diagrams within diagrams. This allows a substation to be represented on the main diagram by a simple busbar symbol, while clicking on that symbol reveals the full substation connectivity in a second, embedded diagram.

The background of a diagram can be a map background, allowing for a geographic representation of the network. As a network can have more than one diagram, this allows a network to be viewed as either a single-line diagram, or a geographic diagram, or both at the same time. Diagrams can also have a simple fixed image as their background.

The user has complete freedom to place components and results, including custom annotations. There are no limits placed on diagram size, other than practicality.

Import, export and GIS links

Diagrams can be copied to standard image files, such as JPG, PNG or even SVG, for inclusion in reports and documentation. 

Networks can be imported and created from DINIS©, ArcGIS©, AutoCAD©and other databases using dedicated scripted functions.