Ipsa 2 Python Training

This 2 day course will cover the basics of Python programming before moving onto how Python can be used to interact with Ipsa and other applications. Python is being used by Ipsa more frequently in order to provide specific customisable functions that would be difficult to develop inside Ipsa.

Common examples are generating spreadsheet reports of data or results in a specific format or running multiple load flow cases. These could be developed in just a few hours using a basic knowledge of Python and Ipsa.

The course agenda is as follows:

  • Introduction to Python Programming
    • Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Program Flow
    • Running Simple Scripts
  • Interfacing to Ipsa
    • Ipsa Basics
    • Component Functions
    • Running Analysis Functions
    • Obtaining Results

Our Python course will teach you how to achieve this and enable you to perform and analyse complex studies in a fraction of the normal time. To find out more or book a place please contact us.