Ipsa 2 Introductory Course

Our introductory IPSA course is a hands-on training course with a focus on modelling power system components using the IPSA software package, including introduction to fault level theory and fault level calculations. Those who complete this course will be able to model power system networks, as well as to perform power flow analysis,  initial fault analysis, data requirements, running fault analysis calculations, waveform plots and IPSA based examples.

No previous knowledge of IPSA is required, but a knowledge of power systems is helpful. The course agenda is outlined below:

  • The IPSA Interface and Network Drawing
  • Per Unit Calculations
  • Data Entry
    • Simple Data Entry
    • Use of Data Bases
    • Data Sheet Conversion Examples
  • Load Flow Studies
    • Theory
    • Component Modelling
    • Analysis
  • Fault Level Studies
    • Theory
    • Component Modelling
    • Analysis
  • Questions and answers on advanced modelling techniques / issues

Load flow studies enable an engineer to calculate the flow of power, voltage profiles and power losses across the system.  These calculations are a core part of power system analysis for network design and operation. The load flow theory discusses concepts such as busbar types, loads, generators, reactive power and methods of voltage control, supported by IPSA based practical examples.

Fault level analysis involves applying short circuits at various points on the network and calculating the resulting current flows.  The results from fault analysis can be used to evaluate abnormal operating conditions, power systems design, switchgear selection and the design of network earthing systems. Other useful features of IPSA such as contingency analysis (N-1 up to N-3) and component grouping will be also briefly demonstrated.

Courses are normally held at our Manchester office, although we can deliver them at our clients offices as well.

We will provide computers for the duration of the training course, but attendees may bring their own. Copies of training examples used during the presentations will be distributed prior to the start of the course, and lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

Dates for the upcoming courses

  • 11 Feb 2019
  • 13 May 2019

The duration of the course is 3 days.

For more information or to book your place, please call us on 0161 233 4800 or email support@ipsa-power.com

For more courses please have a look at our main page for power systems training (https://www.tneigroup.com/power-systems-training)