Ipsa 2 Analysis Modules

Ipsa 2 is a modern and comprehensive power system analysis package for the design, planning and operation of electrical networks. It is used for distribution and transmission systems, off-shore platforms, nuclear power stations, oil & gas facilities and renewable generation sites.

Ipsa 2 is routinely used on networks ranging from large fully meshed distribution and transmission networks through to small islanded systems, such as off-shore platforms and industrial facilities.  It is used in the transmission and distribution, renewable energy, nuclear power, oil, gas and defence sectors.

The analysis modules in Ipsa 2 have been developed and refined over 30 years. Extensive testing and validation, including comparison with real life results, has been undertaken to ensure that the analysis is robust and the results are accurate.

The following links provide details on the various analysis modules in Ipsa 2:

  • Load flow
    • Contingency and Automation studies
    • Reactive power studies and compliance
    • Voltage regulation and power losses
    • Load and generation profile studies
    • Meshed and radial networks
    • Feeder systems
    • AC and DC networks
  • Fault Level
    • Switchgear rating and duty
    • Short circuit analysis for all fault types
    • IEC 60909 and ER-G74 fault level calculations
  • Overcurrent Protection
    • Time and overcurrent grading
    • Relay modelling
  • Harmonic Analysis
    • Harmonic assessment
    • G5/4 compliance
    • Filter design and rating
  • Transient Stability
    • Motor starting and re-accleration
    • Generator fault ride through
    • Critical clearing time studies
    • Protection operation and intertripping
    • Governor, AVR and controller modelling
  • DC Networks
    • HVDC links between AC systems
    • Ship based DC power systems
    • DC generators and battery systems
  • Reliability
  • Unbalanced systems
  • User-defined Models
    • Custom controller modelling through a GUI
  • Plugin Models
    • Custom load flow models
    • Custom transient models
  • Scripting
    • Run Python scripts to automate power system studies
    • Create custom reports