Project FALCON

The FALCON project (Flexible Approaches for Low Carbon Optimised Networks) is a Western Power Distribution (WPD) project funded by the UKs Low Carbon Network Fund. FALCON aims to investigate how new 11kV network techniques work in practice and, by simulating their use in different scenarios, will determine the best ways to manage the network problems expected to arise from increased low carbon technologies and generation.

The Ipsa 2 software forms the core of the simulation tool being developed. Ipsa will model the impact of smart reinforcement techniques including Dynamic Asset Rating, Energy Storage and Demand Side Management alongside traditional reinforcement methods. Some Important Ipsa developments are required by the project which are currently underway. These include;

  • Load profile or Time of Day analysis
  • Reliability analysis to calculate Customer Minutes Lost and Customer Interruptions (CMLs and CIs)
  • Voltage Unbalance

Further details are available from WPDs website and the latest WPD FALCON newsletter can be viewed here.