Ipsa 2 User-defined Models


  • Graphical control back diagram to model controllers
  • User can define their own complex devices


  • No coding ability or third-party compilers are required
  • Basic algebra and functions are supported

User Defined Models (UDM) provide the ability to model more complex devices such as AVRs and governors. The Transient Stability module is required in order to use UDM models in an Ipsa network. UDM models are used to represent controllers such as:

  • Governors and AVRs for
    • Steam turbines
    • Gas turbines
    • Diesel generators
    • Wind turbines
    • Hyrdo generators
  • Power System Stabilisers
  • DFIG real and reactive power controllers

The UDM application, supplied free with Ipsa, uses a graphical control block diagram to model controllers, so no coding ability or third-party compilers are required for users.

  • Automatic initialisation
  • Graphical model construction
  • Controller test facility
  • 20 inputs per controller
  • 10 outputs per controller
  • Non-linear blocks
    • Lead
    • Lag
    • Lead-Lag
  • Logical switches
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Greater than
    • Less than
    • Time select
    • SR flip-flop
  • Limit blocks
    • Max/Min
    • Rate of change
    • Deadband
    • Anti-wind up on previous blocks
  • Basic Algebra
    • Addition
    • Multiplication
  • User-defined mathematical functions
  • Tabulated Functions