Ipsa 2 User Guides

We have created a set of simple tutorials to help you get started with Ipsa 2. Simply click on the links below to view the presentations.

Please note that all the files are provided as adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Icon of Installation and licensingInstallation and licensingInstalling and running IPSA.04 Nov 15 3.2 MiB
Icon of Network creationNetwork creationDrawing networks and running load flows.04 Nov 15 7.1 MiB
Icon of Data TablesData TablesUsing data tables for data entry, sorting and copying.04 Nov 15 5.1 MiB
Icon of Load flow analysisLoad flow analysisPerforming load flow studies and the methods of displaying tables and reports.04 Nov 15 6.3 MiB
Icon of Fault level analysisFault level analysisPerforming fault level studies, including the plot of fault current waveforms.04 Nov 15 4.2 MiB
Icon of Harmonic analysisHarmonic analysisPerforming harmonic studies to calculate harmonic penetration, voltage waveforms and impedance scans.04 Nov 15 3.1 MiB
Icon of Transient StabilityTransient StabilityPerforming transient stability analysis, including plotting graphs.04 Nov 15 3.8 MiB
Icon of Protection GradingProtection GradingAn overview of overcurrent protection analysis.04 Nov 15 3.3 MiB